Engine Service in Calcium, NY

No one looks forward to the day their automobile’s engine has to be replaced. It’s a hardship, and it forces some hard choices. But if you’re in the Calcium, NY area, and in need of an auto repair shop to replace your engine, come check out the auto mechanics at Service Plus Automotive, just outside Fort Drum and Watertown, and let us get started right away.

Your engine is not a slow-leaking tire or a sticking window. It’s a combustion device under constant pressure and with very flammable materials in place. It wouldn’t be safe for us to ‘patch up’ a bad engine and let you take your chances on the highway or when traveling outside the Calcium, NY, Watertown or Fort Drum area. That’s not the kind of shop we are at Service Plus Automotive and not the way we do business.

At Service Plus Automotive, our auto mechanics do not perform auto repairs on engines. That would imply patchwork, the kind of secondary job that can come apart in the best circumstances. Instead, we replace engines, part by part, based on the customer’s needs, to ensure your drive is safe and have the right parts to support your vehicle. We don’t sign off on auto repairs that could put you or your family in jeopardy. Take it from one of our regulars about their experience at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY, Watertown & Fort Drum for engine replacement:

“I have personally known Jennifer for over 6 years. If you are looking for an honest repair shop, this is it. Their focus is on your safety and helping you make your car last longer with suggestions on maintenance. Who likes car payments? I'd rather fix and keep the car I already have. Service Plus works for you! -- Anonymous

Is your engine on its last legs? If you’re going to keep it running, don’t trust someone who will patch it for an uncertain amount of time. Trust the auto mechanics at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY to replace your engine. Schedule an appointment today for engine service. Alternatively, feel free to call us, or come by the shop at 27721 State Route 283 , Calcium, NY 13616 (we’re very close to Fort Drum and Watertown). Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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