Exhaust System/Muffler Repair in Calcium, NY

When your car’s muffler lets you down, and the exhaust becomes a problem to contend with, bring your vehicle to our auto mechanic team at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY (we’re just outside of Fort Drum and Watertown). As the go-to choice for exhaust and muffler service, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing a team of qualified technicians will examine your vehicle from bumper-to-bumper.

Your muffler has an important function in your car, controlling the backpressure of the exhaust of your engine’s combustion process. When a muffler is in poor condition to the point where you need auto repair, your fuel efficiency drops. That’s costing you money. At Service Plus Automotive, we want to prevent this from happening. Bring your vehicle to our shop for muffler and exhaust service. Outside of those two major issues, a muffler in damage means multiple minor problems for your car:

  • A damaged muffler likely will not pass the New York Safety & Emissions Inspection.
  • Without the muffler, the exhaust is likely to be LOUD and disruptive.
  • The pollutants from the engine, aside from being bad for the environment, also smell awful and should be avoided.

At Service Plus Automotive, we have trained to know auto repair for your exhaust system and your muffler. Our auto mechanics can evaluate if your car is in the early stages of a problem or if a problem has developed that is potentially dangerous to you, and make a recommendation based on what we determine. Read this testimonial from a happy customer who chose Service Plus Automotive, located in Calcium, NY and near Fort Drum and Watertown, for exhaust and muffler service:

“I have been browsing reviews and decided to write my own. I am new to the area and less than a week ago started having car troubles. As luck would have it, my problems started Friday night at about 5pm. I called a few shops and told them my problem and all they could offer was we can look at it Monday, which I understood because it was late and the weekend was upon us, so I decided to give Service Plus Automotive a call, and am I ever glad I did. They said that I could bring it down and they would try and help me out. Once I arrived there, they were very pleasant and listened to my concerns and problems. After a short wait, they informed me my exhaust had broken and found my right front wheel bearing was extremely loose. I said, ’Well, I’ll have to try and find a way home…’ That’s when they informed me they had a shuttle service and would be happy to drive me and my children home. To make a long story short, they fixed my car and it drives great! This is one customer who would highly recommend Service Plus Automotive to anyone needing automotive service. Thank you Service Plus!” -- Anonymous

If you need auto repair on your exhaust or suspect a problem with your muffler, look no further than the auto mechanics at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY! To schedule an appointment, just click on this link, or call us. We’re located just outside of Fort Drum and Watertown, at 27721 State Route 283 , Calcium, NY 13616, and open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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