Towing Service in Calcium, NY

Does your car need towing? The auto mechanics at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY (near Fort Drum and Watertown), works together with the Roadside Warriors for 24-hour towing service to our auto repair shop. At Service Plus Automotive, we want you to know we are your side each step of the way, from start to finish.

If your car won’t start or can’t drive, our towing Service can bring you here so that our auto mechanics can get you back on the roads in Calcium, NY, Watertown, Fort Drum, and beyond. There may be situations where a car still operates, but driving that car to the shop for auto repairs might be considered dangerous or illegal. Don’t take a risk that could damage your car or cause an accident. Contact the team at Service Plus Automotive.

If you have no towing assistance offered with your car’s insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Service, and we will bring you here for auto service. The company we use, Roadside Warriors, is USAA and AAA-service approved, so most military personnel are covered for their towing! He’s a great review from an anonymous customer we towed to Service Plus Automotive for towing Service:

“I'm normally not the type of person to leave reviews, but the help I got from this shop, Service Plus Automotive, was so awesome that I wanted to let other people out there like me know that they are people you can trust. I am a single mom with a 3-year-old living in the area. I don’t really know a lot about cars and I’ve never really had any car issues before. Well, I guess my luck ran out. I was with my son and we were getting ready to go grocery shopping. I thought my vehicle was driving kind of funny but I guess I just ignored it and figured it was normal. Then all of a sudden, a light came on my dash that said 'Service Engine Soon'. I freaked and was wondering why my engine needed to be serviced, because I’ve never seen this light before. I pulled over and called my dad. He told me to call AAA and arrange for a tow if I was uncomfortable driving the vehicle, and they would take me to a AAA-approved shop. So I called and arranged for a tow, and the closest place was Service Plus Automotive. Once my son and I got to the shop, my son ran right in and started playing with all the toys they have in their waiting room. When I walked in, I felt comfortable, too. There were two women sitting at the counter and they both smiled and said hi. I told them what had happened and they were very kind and explained to me that they would have a technician pull my vehicle in to look at it. I waited in their waiting room, which, for being an automotive shop, was very clean. I’m used to the ones on TV where they are all dirty and the technicians are greasy. After a short period of time, the technician came out and talked to me about what was going on with my vehicle, which made me feel much better. My vehicle just needed a small tune-up. The technician even brought me out in the shop and showed me my spark plugs. Then there were other services that the girls told me about, that were all just recommendations based on mileage that will keep my vehicle running well and last me for a while. I never knew about any of this stuff, just thought I had to do my oil changes and that was it. Once they gave me the price of a tune up, which to my surprise was not a bad deal at all, I got a 10% discount for being AAA! Then they even offered me a ride home so my son and I did not have to wait for a couple hours in the waiting room. I was like, “Great,” but of course my son had a fit because he was having so much fun playing. Once we got home, I was feeling much better about how my vehicle is going to run and be safe to drive. Once my vehicle was done, they even came and picked me back up. I paid for my bill, plus got a coupon off my next service… I love coupons. They then told me they do everything here except body work. Since I now know that, I will be bringing my car back here for everything. The work was fantastic, the services they offer are fantastic and their customer service was fantastic!!! I recommend Service Plus Automotive to anyone.” -- Anonymous

If you need towing service to get your car running again, call the Roadside Warriors at (315) 777-3476 for 24 hour service. Have them bring your car to Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY (we’re just outside the Fort Drum gate and the city of Watertown) and our auto mechanics will contact you at their earliest convenience about the auto repairs you need done to your vehicle. Schedule an appointment for towing, or call us during our open hours. Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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