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Back To School Season

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School’s starting soon, and you’re probably already knee-deep in school supply lists. But have you thought about your back-to-school supply list? Yes, it includes sandwich bags and new lunch boxes and possibly an extra strong brew of coffee to get through those first few drop-offs–but what about your car’s list? Below, we discuss a few things you should consider gifting your vehicle to prep for the back-to-school season. 

New Windshield Wipers

Rain is coming soon, and winter snow after that… may be the best time to get some new windshield wipers! When choosing new windshield wipers, replace them with ones that fit your vehicle. If you do not know what type of wiper blades will fit on your car or truck, many auto parts stores will be able to assist you in selecting the correct blades for your vehicle.


While checking the condition of your wiper blades, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my wipers cracked or torn? - Replace immediately!
  • Are my wipers faded? - Replace immediately!
  • Do my wipers no longer clear away rain from my windshield effectively? - Replace immediately!

A Fresh Oil Change

Oil changes are recommended every 3,000 miles or three months in most situations. Your owner's manual will tell you how often your vehicle should be serviced and what type of oil change is appropriate for your vehicle. If you ignore an oil change, your engine could overheat or experience severe damage at high speeds or in stop-and-go traffic (which happens a lot in that carpool lane!). 

A Set of Tires

Car tires are not cheap, so it’s a good idea to avoid buying a new set when you can keep the old ones in shape. There are a few ways to do this: check tire pressure periodically (at least once per month), check tire tread depth (if you can see the tread on your tires, it's time for new ones), and check wheel alignment (think of it as rolling alignment—your wheels need to be straight). You should also look for signs of damage or wear so that you can replace damaged parts before they cause problems.

Come visit us at Service Plus Automotive to get ready for back-to-school!

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