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Back To School Thinking

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Back to school season is upon us! The streets will soon fill with youngsters on their way to class, buses with their stop signs extended, and carpools full of kids on their route to school. Before the pandemonium begins, have you considered what you might need to have done regarding your vehicle? 


Now is an excellent time to look at your vehicle and have some discussions with your kids when it comes to their pick-up schedule.


Here are a couple of ideas you might consider:


Do a walk-thru: This is an excellent time to do a point-to-point check of some of the basic safety features in your vehicle! Check the seatbelts and make sure they fasten correctly, adjust your rearview mirrors to serve you best, and check your turn signal indicators for functionality. You might consider checking other things, including your vehicle’s headlights, fog lights, and brake lights.

Get your brakes checked: Kids are fast, and they tend to run all over the place! As school season hits, we want to ensure that our vehicle’s brakes are functioning correctly and in good shape. School zones can come out of nowhere, and you might need to reduce your speed quickly; clean and well-serviced brakes will keep you and your kids safe.

Check your dashboard warning lights: Check your dashboard for any warning lights that might have popped up; these lights can be early indicators of a bigger problem down the road. It is always good to address the issue as soon as your vehicle brings it to your attention.

Rehearse where you will do your pick-up: Especially for our younger kids, it is a good idea to do a run-through at least once before the big day comes. Drive by the school and pick out a safe location where the kids can wait to get picked up. Try to find a spot that is as close to campus as possible, hopefully still on campus. The school staff is part of your family, and they can help you find a suitable and safe location!

Have a safety talk: While most of us respect the driving laws within a school zone, accidents can still happen. Now is the time to go over the safety precautions your kids will want to take. Ensure they understand the importance of staying out of the road and waiting in their designated spot for pick-up.


So, whether you are heading the neighborhood carpool or on your way to work during school hours, Service Plus Automotive has you covered. Service Plus Automotive has been part of the Calcium, NY community since 1992; the majority of our team are parents too! That is why we use high-quality products, and we provide an exceptional peace-of-mind warranty. Please schedule an appointment today to have our top-notch ASE-certified auto mechanics service your vehicle!


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