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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the New School Year

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the New School Year

As summer draws to a close and the new school year approaches, ensuring your vehicle is in top-notch condition is essential. Proper maintenance enhances your safety and helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. In this month's blog post, the expert auto mechanics at Service Plus Automotive will discuss essential steps to prepare your vehicle for the new school year, including oil changes, brake inspections, air filter replacements, and wiper checks. We will also highlight the signs and symptoms that indicate these components need attention.

Oil Changes


Consistent oil changes are vital, as they keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Even the perfect driver needs an oil change, as over time, engine oil becomes susceptible to dirt, sludge, and metal particles, negatively affecting engine performance.


Signs that you may need an oil change include the engine oil appearing dark and dirty, the oil change indicator light on your dashboard is illuminated, the engine running louder than usual or making unusual noises, and reduced fuel efficiency or sluggish acceleration.

By adhering to the manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals and using the appropriate grade of oil, you can ensure that your engine stays adequately lubricated and protected.

Brake Inspections


Your vehicle's and its passengers' safety depends heavily on your braking system. Faulty brakes can compromise your ability to stop efficiently and safely.


Signs that your brakes may need attention include squeaking noises when applying the brakes, the brake pedal feeling spongy or requiring increased effort to engage, vibrations or pulsations in the brake pedal while braking, and warning lights on the dashboard, such as the ABS or brake warning light.


If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to have your brakes inspected by a qualified mechanic. They will check the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake fluid levels, ensuring that your braking system is in optimal condition for the school year ahead.

Air Filter Replacement


Clean air filters are essential for optimal engine performance and passenger comfort. Air filters become clogged with dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris, which can negatively impact fuel efficiency and decrease airflow to the engine.

Signs that your air filter may need attention include reduced acceleration or sluggish engine performance, decreased fuel efficiency, unusual engine noises, or a noticeable decrease in power.


Regularly replacing your vehicle's air filters, as recommended in the owner's manual, will ensure clean air circulates inside the cabin, and the engine can breathe properly, improving overall performance.


Wiper Checks

Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving, especially during inclement weather. The fall here in New York can have unpredictable weather, so put this on your list before you forget it! 

Signs that your wiper blades may need attention include streaking or smearing on the windshield when using the wipers, wiper blades that skip or leave patches of water, squeaking or chattering noises while operating the wipers, and visible cracks, tears, or fraying on the wiper blades.


Replace damaged or deteriorated wiper blades promptly to maintain clear visibility. Also, ensure that the windshield washer fluid is filled to the appropriate level to keep your windshield clean and free from debris.

Get Your Vehicle Checked Out At Service Plus Automotive


Remember to schedule regular oil changes, have your brakes inspected, replace air filters, and check the condition of your wiper blades. If you need assistance with any of these tasks or have other concerns about your vehicle's maintenance, please contact our team at Service Plus Automotive in Calcium, NY. Schedule an online appointment today with Service Plus Automotive. You can find us at 27721 State Route 283, Calcium, NY 13616 (just across from Fort Drum), and we are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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