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Top Five Reasons To Change Your Car’s Air Filters

Welcome to April’s blog! We hope you have been coping well in the past month and are just about ready for Spring now. Today, we’re looking at the benefits of changing air filters.
Air filters are something inexpensive to replace, but they usually get replaced less than they should, because car owners don’t have time in their busy lives to do the work-- which can usually be done in under 30 minutes. Here’s our top five reasons to change your air filters:
5.Reduced Emissions - the air from your exhaust is the same air that came in through your air filter. If it starts dirtier, it leaves dirtier. A new air filter helps relieve that.
4.Quick, easy fix - changing your engine and cabin air filters is inexpensive and fast for a mechanic. Don’t hold out if you don’t have time to do the work yourself; bring it to your auto mechanic.
3.Reduces Allergens - when the pollen starts to build up, having a new air filter can be a huge blessing. The filter works to keep pollen out, but if it cakes, the filter can only do so much.
2. Better Fuel Efficiency - your car’s fuel efficiency is based on whether it can get the right fuel octane to air ratio as it enters the combustion cycle. A new air filter gives you better oxygen in the mix.
1.Longer Engine Life - by reducing particles that get inside your engine with a clean filter, you extend the life of your vehicle. 
Don’t be shy about bringing your vehicle in just for an air filter. If the work is a burden to you, we’re glad to take care of it for you. If your vehicle needs service, schedule an appointment today with Service Plus Automotive for a brake inspection. We are located at 27721 State Route 283, Calcium, NY 13616 (just across from Fort Drum), and we are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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